Civil War Essay

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Causes of the Civil War
When others ask about how the Civil War began, most will tell you that there was no single events that caused the war. They will say that the Civil War had numerous reasons that contributed to it's beginning. Although these people are correct, and there was many numerous activities that began all of the frustration, there was one major event that stands far above the rest. This special cause for the war is slavery. Slavery is the single event nearly split a country and divided families.
The first in these minor events leading up to the war was “Legal marriage between African American and White people” in Massachusetts. People were meant to be created equal. The states were not allowing African Americans to be treated this way out of hatred and the need for slavery. People here grew up as children hearing and being taught that African Americans are beneath them and should be treated so. This is what created generations of separation between people. People in general need a cause to come together and fight for. Without this cause, humans will bow down and let whoever is in control to just take over. They begin to think that way. This is human nature, and this is what helped cause a war. Inequality was these people's reason to fight.
African Americans, being the race most discriminated against, were not alone in their journey through inequality. Native Americans began to experience the unfairness in an event called, “The Trail of Tears.” This awful event was seen as normal for the other people and was thought to be no different that the way they treat African Americans. These people have begun top believe racism and inequality are a part of their cultures and lives. This is the main problem. They didn’t feel they were doing anything wrong. A man can not fix a problem that ceased to exist in their minds. This is where the unfairly treated Americans and the ones who believed the same way, began to see a major problem arising.
The northern states , who were against slavery and believed entirely in slaves rights, decided to elect Abraham Lincoln because of this similar