Civil War Essay

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Harvard University professor John Hennely Zeeshan Ali 1/16/14

The Civil war and the period of reconstruction brought great social, political, and economic changes to the United States. The effects of these changes continued into the 20th century. The civil war was great turning point for African Americans freedom from slavery and uniting the states as once again bringing good and bad changes. Also the period of reconstruction brought political, social, and economic changes to the U.S. As we discuss in the essay how the civil war affected the United States whether it brought the north and south closer or further apart. Many political changes were made after the civil war. The main reason for the war was to make African Americans free. In [Document 1] the 14th amendment gave equal protection to blacks and being the citizens of the U.S. Also in [Document 3] the kkk still were terrorizing blacks because of their color. Even though the blacks had most of the rights as whites they were refused to take part in anything political such as voting. They were refused to vote and if anyone would try to attempt to vote they would be slaughtered. In [Document 7] the framers of the constitution did disfranchise a majority of black’s citizenship. The African Americans also stated that depriving citizens of their suffrage rights is hardship which should be passed by the courts. This was also a violation of the 14th because in a way it was not giving African Americans equal protection under the law. After the civil war there was a huge social change in the US. African Americans were free but not considered highly or as equal to whites. As shown in [Document 6] a photograph was taken at a public fountain showing an African American drinking from a colored water fountain which showed that they were still apart even after being free also known as segregation. The society was still treating blacks unfair as if they are not part of them. Also in [Document 8] there is another picture that shows a parade of African Americans marching for their equality among whites. But they did in change in stature. The society did change but for both good and bad. The good was there were no more slaves the bad were that they were not treated equal. There was a huge economic change after the civil war. At first the United States had to pay for costly war rebuild the south