Essay Civil war from 1967-1968

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Class review of the tensions between Britain and the U.S.
Impressment, the interference in U.S bussiness

War of 1812 Create a New note called this (Creation of Nation folder) copy and paste and answer the following questions as we watch a documentary.

1. Outline the causes of the War of 1812.
I. Great Britain impressing ships-------6.000 Seamen
a. The Britain regard every ship from US to France as enemy
II. Trade interference= financial loss for U.S
III. Britain is seen to be arming the natives
IV. Pressure from public & republican party, “war hawks” in congress—“ we must stand up for ourselves”
V. Desire by Americans to expand their territory (into Indian land & beyond)
VI. Americans was enraged by Britain, they want protect themselves

2.How prepared were Americans for war? (both materially and psychologically)
I. Had to heavily rely on untrained militia man ( didn’t believed in standing army), militia man from different state may conflict, no uniform, elect their own officers
a. No fighting Experience
b. Absence
c. No discipline
II. National debt
III. Country divided over the war ( New England against/ North West is celebrating)
IV. Over confident (“ am mere matter & marching”)

3. What errors did the Americans make?
I. Use regular post to inform their own army & war ( British knew before army did, even though after America declared the war)
II. No reinforcement of fort
III. Split up army in their major offensives, but no communication