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Civil War: Slavery! During the Civil War time, there was a time where slavery existed. Slavery had started long ago, since the 1400s to be exact, but most of the South enjoyed slavery, because they really didn’t have to work. Pretty much, the South favored slavery. But little did the South realize that their free labor would end in the near future. The date February 12, 1809… is the date of a great man who changes, or better yet helps change the life of slaves forever, and this mans’ name is Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky, and grew up with 2 siblings and lived in a log-cabin. Abrahams family was the type of family who believed in everyone being equal. Abraham grew up believing that, so when Abraham got old enough, he would share his feelings about slavery more publicly than private. Soon enough, he became a Republican, and ended up becoming president of the United States. Thinking that he could end slavery, he proposed the Compensation Emancipation. With that, the emancipation, it stated slavery be ended in Washington D.C. and mainly in the South, and Western areas. The South was angered by Abraham’s decision, and claimed him to be and abolitionist. But Abraham stated he was not one, he just believed in people being free. Abraham soon declared the 13 amendment to be part of his “End-Slavery” idea. Soon later, Abraham married a woman named Mary Todd, who was the daughter of a slave owning family. Lincoln returned to the political stage as a result of the 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act and soon became a leading opponent of the "Slaveocracy"—that is the political power of the southern slave owners. The 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act, written to form the territories of Kansas and Nebraska, included language,