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Mexican War & Slavery
America wins and takes all the territory from Mexico
Creates slavery drama
Free Soil party
Didn’t like slavery
Wanted all Americans to be free of slaves
They started talking about slavery and republicans didn’t want to talk about it
Fugitive slave act
Citizens had to help return slaves
North was mad that the feds were making them be involved in something they didn’t want to bein
What was nullified in the KA NB act?
Missouri comp
Bleeding KS
People killing each other over slavery issue
Harriet Beecher Stowe railroad riders
She was apart of the underground
Abolitionist Belief
They were about morals
Free soil candidate 1848
Martin Van Bureau
Compromise of 1850
California comes is in as free state
Texas gets 10,000,000 to give up slaves
Slave trade ends in DC
Popular sovereignty
Fugitive slave act
Destination for Underground Railroad riders
Canada because feds can’t go into Canada
Black Moses
Harriet Tubman
Who wrote KS NB act?
Stephen Douglas
Bleeding Kansas, What town was raided?
Lawrence KS
Bleeding KS showed what about popular sovereignty?
Bad concept
Crittenden compromise
If slavery is there, it can stay. It just can’t spread
Buchanan promise concerning slavery
He said that he was going to make people stop arguing but didn’t have a plan.
Dred Scott decision
He had to stay a slave, just because you go into free territory, doesn’t mean you become free
Lincoln’s views on blacks
You are equal to everybody
He didn’t want slavery to spread to new states
Why did SC secede?
Lincoln got voted into office
Why did all states secede?
They were trying to protect their economy
They needed slaves to have slaves to do their work
Electoral College result in 1860
South didn’t get any votes
Lincoln's views on secession
Why did CSA constitution prohibit importing slaves?
They’re trying to make Brittan & France happy
What was unusual about KS petition for statehood?
They submitted 2 constitutions
Pro-slavery & anti-slavery
Why do we need a reconstruction plan?
Constitution didn’t talk about states leaving and slavery
10% plan
10% of confederate states have to choose loyalty to the union for states to come back in.
Why did radical reps reject?
Lincoln would give blacks citizenship
Why would Johnson become impeached?
Fired Edward Stanton & violated the 10 year of office act for aa cabinet member
Remained in office by one vote
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