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Dear Western consumers, The impact that globalization has had on Guangdong in China is considered to be an economic miracle that has made this province very rich. We produce most of the toys, shoes, electronics and packaging that you the westerner consumer buy on a daily basis. When you look at a tag that says “made in China” do you even take a second to think about where in China it is made or who is making it? International brands choose to outsource the production to places like my hometown of Guangdong, because of the cheap cost of labor that is available here. As you can see our two worlds are very interwoven, but what your government doesn’t want you to realize and what our government has a hard time controlling and regulating is that we are continually getting the blunt end of this relationship. When we send shipments of products over to places like the United Kingdom or America we see a very tiny share of the revenue back. Instead what gets brought back to Guangdong is the waste of the original products made here, so what you as a consumer can begin to see is the extent of the trade imbalance between our two worlds. The economic success of my country has been fostered by speed and energy, and with no thought behind any cautions or regulations on the negative impacts that come with the success. My countries government lacks the power behind having any real regulations on the pollution of our air, water and land because of the stress on our economic growth by foreign enterprises, migrant workers and township enterprises for it to carried out at the expense of all else. This is the reason behind why Western counties like yourself are able to use us like a rug, and sweep all the garbage you don’t want to deal with under us after you are done with the products we send to you.
Your countries are continuously giving you the idea that your helping the planet by recycling the products you consume of daily basis, but do you ever ask yourself where exactly these products go to be recycled and even how it is done? The way you outsource your jobs is the same way you outsource you garbage, by sending most of it back China because it is cheaper to dispose of. The shipments of waste to my country have exposed my people to many environmental, health and ethical hazards that your country is irresponsibly not willing to accept themselves. Western consumers believe that they are cleaning up the planet by recycling, but your rich counties make no effort to make sure the garbage…