Civilization and Agricultural Revolution Essay

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Agricultural Revolution
To start off the agricultural revolution did indeed make things better for people because there was a lot of storing of food in other words surplus, writing and trade.
When it comes to talking about how it improved lives, there is the surplus which is good because it gave an extra abundance of food and it was more than enough. This improved peoples’ lives because the population grew. Meaning we can feed more stomachs, than just one. There was also the storage of food. People stored food so that when there was no food they had food. People actually had a place to get food and not worry about starving. There were basically no worries about food back then so that was good.
Writing was a good thing to do back then. This shows that people back then kept records. Most importantly writing was the ‘extension of the human brain’. This improved people’s lives because we humans today can relate to what happened back then. We can also look back and know what type of history people had back then. To also get a closer look and idea of how civilization grew and expanded.
Trading also played a role in the agricultural revolution. Trading means to barter, to exchange valuable things and to get more things like food. Trading gave or provided humans with food, clothing and technology. Trading played a really huge role. Trading really improved people’s lives back then because it showed that without trade we would have to provide ourselves the harder way.