Essay on Civilized: Race and Colour Racial Background

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-25717557150 Three is not Enough.
00 Three is not Enough.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” and this is all about it. Reading this article made me realize no one was limited edition. Being put in your in your own category of skin colour racial background or other features of your body is what the American’s did, they people were put in like a Crayola box from red , yellow, to brown…devastating. Americans claimed membership in 300 races and more then placed each person in there tone. Media overtook it all, being rejected for political and cultural reasons, comparing one and other like they were twins. The Americans had something called power that controlled everyone, no one stood up. They evolved by changing the world, in biological nature of sorting, representing, demanding human kids. The genes are 99.9%same so they could easily identify how the system worked. This article proved that the racial categories where investigated. It also stated that the same race analyze together easily like marriage from the same culture. The whole thesis is about ownership, categorizing, defining, which puts the opinions in a stressful situation. The author Sharon Begley had deep thought about how the real world is, and how everyone was like in pre-history. I disagree with about most parts the author stated. In my opinion this article is biased, discriminating to all cultures and crucial because it follows a thesis that is not suitable in manner. They judged from looks and…