Essay about Ciy Hotel Case Study

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Group Assignment
Topic: HR Planning at the City Hotel

Background The City Hotel has been having some difficulties around recruiting kitchen assistants, waiting and bar staff due to local competition and the unsociable working hours, compounded by the fact that local transport is not readily available at these times also. They have also identified issues with lack of availability of chefs and receptionists due mainly to the skill levels and the local colleges not producing enough candidates. Added to the recruitment issue the hotel has other challenges including: • Customer experience and satisfaction • Staff being under utilized during certain seasons • Systems
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Maintenance Department ✓ Engineering

✓ Maintenances stuff

The Maintenance Department is responsible for maintenance and the operation of all Electrical and mechanical equipment (Ac, lighting, pluming, civil works ….etc). 3. Employee utilization plan To maximize the efficiency of the employees at the City hotel we suggest that they:

✓ Allocate the right people with the right skills to the right job. ✓ Ensure that there is clarity in terms of what is expected from the staff. ✓ Have the right tools to complete the task. ✓ Have necessary policies and procedures in place to deliver the expected results. ✓ Cross train employees in different positions. ✓ Ongoing training.

This will also makes staff feel part of the business, more involved and it increases work efficiency. 4. Training & Development plan The first thing we would do would be to truly assess the training needs within the Hotel by completing a Training Needs Analysis (TNA). Each manager would be required to observe their team members and ask a series of questions regarding their motivation, capability and discuss any development needs with their staff member. The HR team would then collect all of the TNAs from the management team and collate the information to produce a detailed training