Cja 384 Controlling Organized Crime Essay

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My paper will cover the topic of how to how control organized crime and not just in the United States of America but also abroad. This is a country and others are wrought with opportunities, but many would seek to use those opportunities improperly to illegal ends. The consequences of these criminals and their actions can be detrimental to the overall well-being of the general populace by introducing negative elements into the greater whole of society. For that reason, and many others, numerous agencies were created to police these crimes and the people who perpetrate them. Varying jurisdictions from local to federal are normally involved in the investigation and apprehension of these individuals. But before one can discuss the topic of …show more content…
This might include anything from fraud on all levels, to document forgery, and grand theft auto. The fourth area that various justice agencies deal with is gangs. Gangs can be made up of anyone and include both youths and adults of both genders. The fifth and final area is Terrorists. This is when any group commits a crime for the purpose of illegitimately affecting social and or governmental policies or outcomes.
It is also important to realize that organized crime is not an issue relegated to any one area. The national organized crime organization still is a part of a larger entity. By sharing knowledge, experience, and relevant information the various interest of justice can be carried out at home and abroad. The effectiveness of organized crime control efforts discussed the types of harm that can be observed from organized crime activities. Physical harm is brought about through acts of intimidation and homicide, as well as many other violent acts. A certain degree of economic harm can be seen from acts such as destruction of property, business loss, and other financial manipulation. These are the most prevalent, followed by psychological harm, harm done to a particular community, and societal harm.
According to a study by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), entitled the Esteva Report, the global economy has been going into the