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CJA Signature Assignment
1. Scenario: You are the first responding officer to a “dead body” call. The body is located on a dirt road in a remote area that can be best described as “desert terrain.” As you approach the crime scene in your patrol vehicle, you notice the body lying in the middle of the road. Around the body are numerous large rocks and bushes. You also notice the following in and around the crime scene:
Tire tracks
Personal belongings of the victim strewn about
A beer bottle in the road
Dried blood on the sand and on several rocks
Considering the above, what steps would you take to secure this crime scene?

As I pull up to the crime scene as the first responder,
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6. Scenario: You are called to investigate the scene of a possible arson fire in a commercial furniture store. The structure is still standing, permitting you to enter it and conduct a physical inspection of the premises. What types of physical evidence would you look for to determine if arson is to blame for the fire?

Before I enter the scene or allow anyone else to, I would question any witnesses or the first responders to see if they think they have any idea how it started or saw anyone fleeing the scene. Then I would try and determine where the fire started. When finding the origin, I will most likely be able to determine how the fire started. If any kind of accelerant is found I can likely assume it was arson, since highly flammable liquids or any kind of explosives are unlikely to be in a furniture store. Also I would conduct a background investigation of the business and owner to see if there might be any motive of arson such as, financial stress or trying to take advantage of any insurance policies.

7. Scenario: You have been assigned to an elite narcotics investigative unit. You are part of a multijurisdictional task force assembled to break up a large-scale drug trafficking operation. You have also identified several key individuals in the operation to target for arrest. What methods might you use in attempting to arrest these