Essay about Ckimate Change

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Human Climate Change
Tiffany Fayed
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Composition III Eng2001

Within the last century there have been significant changes to the environment from precipitation pattern, severe droughts, and floods. Climate change has been a subject of much debate, weather it is from humans or it is something that would happen regard less. Facts will show that human activity is responsible for releasing several billion of tons of carbon dioxide and that natural emission could never have the severity of impact as humans. Most people are aware of changes in environment but fail to realize the severity of the issue. Changing bad behavior and having the green mentality will be the new way of the future.
The article “Global Warming” is from the encyclopedia Britannica is a great source to incorporate into my essay because it really gives you the basics of global warming. It not only breaks down natural gases that cause the greenhouse effect but define how they affect the environment. Also this source includes specific facts from a reliable source like the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. For instance “The IPCC’s report in 2007 stated that the 20th century saw an increase in global average surface temperature of 1.3 Fahrenheit, and it forecasted an additional increase of 3.2 to 7.2 Fahrenheit, by 2100 if measures are not put in place to reduce human cause emissions of greenhouse gasses” (Encyclopedia Britannica,2009). In the article “Changing the Climate Is a Family Affair”, “Meltdown”, “and “Early Spring a Treat to Some Species” are articles that are identifying the impact of climate change on the ecosystem and on humans. This in turn helps identify the cause and effect of the greenhouse effect has and how if not controlled will have devastating consequences. There is clear evidence how the rise in temperature, even by one degree effects everything on the planet. It is a chain reaction. There will be longer droughts, the rain season lasts long having record floods, and certain animals will be looking at extinction. The book “Climate Stabilization Targets: Emissions, concentrations, and impacts over decades to millennia” is an excellent source of information that provides readers important scientific insights about the relationships among emissions, greenhouse gas concentrations, temperatures, and impacts (CDC, 2009). “Climate Change and Health” is another source based on facts by the World Health Organization. The World Health Organization (WHO) are responsible for showing leadership on global health matters, communicate evidence-based policy options, and monitoring and assessing health trends (World Health Organization. 2010). The WHO is a creditable organization and when dealing with the climate and the effects on the environment and/or humans they are the first responders of the globe. The article, “Going Green”, and a journal entry for Center for Disease Control and Prevention, are great inquires of prevention and preparedness. As climate is on the rise the ways to prevent harmful emission has heighten people’s response to Go Green. The government has also taken steps to implement policy for more ecofriendly society. As a global economy some countries must be prepared to have permanent change in there region and readjustment will be a must for survival. As occupants of this Plane it should be everyone responsibility to play a part of its protection. The last article I’m mentioning is “A More Ecofriendly Way of Life” is a very interesting article that tells of stories how people have changed their habits. Having successful stories like the ones presented in this article will perhaps inspire those to be self-efficient, and that it can be done. As human, we acquire bad habits and those habits are harming the planet. We have to preserve this great planet not only for ourselves but for the future of are generations. The articles evaluated here give the basic information of what is global warming and