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Steps of devotions


Application for devotions
S- Specific
M- Measurable
A- Attainable
R- Relevant
T- Time Sensitive

Ephesians 6:10-18 What are the key words Which words or thoughts are repeated Against (6X) Stand (4X) Power, might, strength (3X)
What is the verb tense? Imperative, command, urgency, necessity
How does this passage fit into the rest of the book?

Foundational thought #1- All believers are in a daily battle for the Glory of God

Three Characteristics of the Battle:
1. The battle is a constant battle.
2. The battle is a spiritual one.
a. Devil
b. World
c. Flesh 3.

Foundational thought #2- All believers are responsible to stand and glorify God wherever he has placed them.

Biblical Paradigm for Decision Making Biblical Commands- are there specific biblical injuctions
The Corinthian situation- A debatable issue an area in which there is no direct scriptural instructions What are the questions? 1. Can I go to an idolatrous feast and eat the meat One God, no “gods” behind the idols One tasty steak that God made “All things are lawful unto me” 2. Can I eat the meat if it is sold in the marketplace? 3. Can I eat the meat if it is served in an unbeliever’s home?

Three cautions when addressing debatable issues
1. Debatable issues are not answered simply
a. Chapter 8- extended explanation
b. Chapter 9- Extended personal illustration
c. Chapter 10-
i. Historical illustration ii. Further explanation iii. Final application Paul’s goal is not just right action; it is right thinking.
2. Debatable issues cannot always be answered absolutely
a. First question… NNNOOO
b. Second question… YES
c. Third question… Yes unless the unbeliever says it is from Idols
Old testament illustrations Five privilages Five failures One point- do not think that your spiritual position or heritage protect you from the dangers of desiring things that could result in spiritual suicide. Illustration What was the moral character of the things the people desire What was it that made these things evil
Key Principle- morally neutral things can be characterized as evil via their association with the world
3. Debatable issues cannot be answered arrogantly
a. The determining factor is not your knowledge
b. It is not your right
c. It is not your “ability to handle it”
d. Is not whether you like it
e. Is not whether it “works”
Why is this an important issue to the corinthians?

Why is this an important issue to Paul? 10 principles . Encroachment – will it go against the demands of my conscience? . Example – Will it set a helpful pattern for others? . Excess – Will it slow me down in the race? . Excuse – Will it be a covering for my sin? . Expedience- Will it be to my spiritual advantage? 1 Cor. 10:23 . Edification – Will it build me up?