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Each page of the casebook should be properly formatted, neat, and orderly. For specific details, examine the rubric carefully while constructing your casebook. Title Page includes a heading and a header, left and right justified, respectively. Critical/Historical questions are centered in the center of the page. Table of Contents lists the title each of source, the type of source in the order in which it appears in the casebook. The Table of contents includes the header, Content Pages begin with an MLA citation. Annotations include a description, summary, and analysis of each source. Each page includes the header. Each source has been evaluated and deemed reliable: o 3 Books (at least one paper copy) o 2 scholarly journal articles o 2 web pages o 2 newspaper or magazine articles o 4 additional primary sources o 2 other sources (photographs, documentaries, interviews, dissertations, etc.) o Total: 15 unique sources Reflection/Process Essay written in narrative form, limited to two typed pages, concludes the research casebook. It describes the research process, reflects on the scholarly journey, and makes conclusive observations about how the material addresses the critical/historical question(s).

Tips for Success Start Early. Some quality sources may take time to track down. Plan ahead. Keep track of your sources before you’re even sure if you’ll use a source or not, it’s a good idea to write down citation information, in case you need to track down a piece of information you didn’t think you’d need. Use your resources. The OWL and the Little Brown Handbook can answer many of your specific questions regarding citation, punctuation, and even research practices. Review the rubric as you put your casebook together, and carefully before submitting your casebook. Develop a storage and organization plan to keep track of your work (flash drive, Google docs, etc.). By the time National History Day is over you will have many files. Use folders.

“Don't put your work off. Plan to have a certain amount of writing/research every day