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Clarification paper
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Sportsmanship “Sometimes it is better to lose and do the right thing than to win and do the wrong thing.”­ Tony Blair. Sportsmanship comes to my mind when I read this quote because it refers to how an athlete should react even when the outcome wasn’t what they may have wanted.
Sportsmanship is a skill you can learn and practice while it can be used in all aspects of one’s life not just in a sporting event. According to the Merriam­Webster dictionary sportsmanship is defined as fair play, respect for opponents, and polite behavior by someone who is competing in a sport or other competition.
We witness sportsmanship in nearly every competitive event we may be watching. We often see handshakes before and after the game, opponents helping each other up, players respecting the official’s decisions, and teammates encouraging each other in positive ways.
Aren’t those skills we want to demonstrate in our daily life? Caring for others, admiration for others’ talents, to value and encourage our colleagues in a positive manner, these are all desirable attributes needed beyond the sporting venue.
Sportsmanship is participating and sharing in an activity you are passionate about, achieving your goals while working together as a team, having a positive attitude, and respecting your opponents and the officials who are making decisions. Sportsmanship is telling an opponent they had an amazing catch even if it means your team is out of the playoffs. It is

also being humble and playing with class. Those are all valuable skills that can be used for the rest of your life.
Sportsmanship is not the victory dances, swearing, and the in your face taunting we often see. It is not arguing with the ref about a call