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Sam Mattin
April 4, 2014
Prof. McCarthy
English 1112
Clark State Library If you need to research and write a detailed paper, what are some of the things you would require? Would you require access to the internet, a fast working computer, large amounts of written material on various subjects, means of printing your paper, a quiet place to concentrate, or help from a trustworthy librarian? If so, the Clark State Library is the place for you to acquire these resources. I believe that the Clark State Library is the best environment to research, draft, and type a successful paper. When entering the Clark State Library you will be greeted with friendly faces from eager librarians happy to help. These nice people can assist you with many tasks from finding a book to recommending reliable sources to gather your research from. The books in Clark State Library are labeled with letters and numbers that correspond with the rows that are also labeled. This makes it easy to find the book you are looking for. If you are overwhelmed by the vast amounts of literature you could always use one of their many desktop computers to further your research. After logging in, these computers are equipped with high speed internet and your own personal server to store valuable information on. Once you are ready to write your paper, often times Microsoft Word is a good program to use to type, edit, and revise your essay. Since you may not have access to this program at home, the Clark State Library is great place to use it for free! After you type your paper you will probably need to print it so you can turn it in to your professor, by paying a small fee of ten cents you can print your paper right here at school. The printers at Clark State are fast so there is never a crowd of people waiting for papers at the