Essay on Clash of Values

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Clash of Values

The Scopes Trial:
The Scopes Trial was a dispute between the traditionalists and the modernists. The Traditionalists were afraid that everything valuable was coming to an end, and the modernists didn’t care whether their behavior was socially acceptable or not or whether their behavior met their intellect. Modernism caused new social patterns that started a wave of revivalism, which became strong in the south. No one knew who would rule American culture, the modernists or the traditionalists.
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The prohibition was a period in time where the sale, manufacture and transportation of liquor was against the law. This led to the first time an amendment was repealed on the US constitution. This lasted nearly fourteen years (1920-1933) and was also known as the Noble Experiment. This era is known for gangsters, speakeasies and average people who broke the law. Cite: "All You Need to Know About the Prohibition." About. Accessed September 2, 2014.

Flappers: A flapper is a woman who smoked, drank, danced and voted. She wore makeup, did her hair, and went to parties. Before WW1, the Gibson Girl was the big thing, this was a girl who was feminine but broke through many gender barriers, like sports. While the men were at war, women aggressively entered the workforce. During the war, men and woman had broken out of society’s structure and it was difficult to return. Cite: "The New, Modern Woman: The Flapper." About. Accessed