Class Action Lawsuits - Walmart Essay

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Jay Laub
December 8, 2010
Business law I
Class Action Lawsuits

Class action lawsuits, sometimes called “multiple litigation lawsuits”, can be used when many individuals have been injured by the same product or action of a single defendant. The individuals can come together to seek justice when “their injuries have been cause by defective products, including pharmaceutical drugs, motor vehicles and other consumer products, and medical devices. Other types of conduct over which people have sued as a class include consumer fraud, corporate misconduct, securities fraud, and employment practices.” Class action lawsuits are most useful to individuals who by themselves could not bring a lawsuit against a large company because the damage
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“The court will order that the class representative, through his or her attorneys, make reasonable attempts to notify any unknown class members by general media such as television, an advertisement in a magazine or newspaper, or a posted flyer.” The type of notice can vary on how geographically spread out the potential class members may be. Yaz is a brand name birth control pill that has been found to cause among other things blood clots, pulmonary embolisms, and emergency gall bladder removal in many women who use it. There are commercials on television advertising that if a woman has been injured by taking Yaz she can join the class action suit against the maker of the drug, Bayer incorporated. The commercials in this case are to serve as notice to potential class members that the action has started. Class action lawsuits serve to keep businesses accountable for their products and actions. A business man knows that if he causes injury to customers that he will be held accountable, even if the damages caused are small. They give consumers confidence that they will receive quality products because they know that they can hold the manufacturer or seller to a high standard. There is no specific verse in the bible