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What comes to mind when one thinks of business careers? There are many careers that deals with business. To name a few, there are General Business, Management, Marketing, Accounting/Finance/Economic, and Business Law. With these careers comes with different positions and code of ethics. The positions within this careers determines the kind of business one will go into.
General Business is one of the careers that falls under business. With general business one can work in different positions such as Research Analyst, which is also ranked as number 1 on A research analyst appears in all sectors of the company. As a research analyst your job is to help with every aspect of the company.
Another position within General Business is Human Resource specialist or manager which specialize in hiring or training new employees as well as managing compensation and benefits for the company’s employees. A meeting convention planner also falls under General Business. It’s also ranked as number 9 business job on A meeting convention planner’s duty includes program development, marketing and promotion, budgeting, site selection and many more.
A customer service representative also plays a major role in business. Every company needs a customer service representative. A customer service representative’s duty varies depending on the company. Some take calls to assist the customer with anything they need assistance with, as well as welcome in person customers and assist them with anything they may need help with. They also handle complaints, process orders, and provide the necessary information about a company or an organizations products and services. Studying General business allows students to customize their studies and prepare them for work in the public, private or nonprofit sectors. Students who graduate with the general business specialization in general business are prepared for jobs like general management, management consulting, government agencies and some of the few I touched on before.
Marketing is also one of the careers that falls under business. Marketing comes with different positions. A marketing director is one of the positions underneath marketing. A marketing director is responsible for the conceptualization and implementation of marketing programs. The marketing director also contributes to the development of a company or an organization through its multi roles. He/she also works with the management team to address the company goals and marketing strategies. Another position is a marketing manager is responsible for managing a company or an organization’s marketing department. With a marketing managers help, a company can come up with a plan that allows them to bring in more customers and profit needed, in order for the company to succeed. Without a marketing manager a company or an organization might not be able to succeed. The marketing field offers different challenging career opportunities, such as personal selling, advertising, packaging, transport, storage and many more.
A Real Estate Agent also falls under marketing. A real estate agent is someone who assists people either selling or purchasing a property. Because each state’s law may be