Essay Class: Moon and Grey Reef Shark

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The Latin name of the Grey Reef shark is Carcharhiniformes. The Grey Reef Shark’s family is the Carcharhinida. The species type of the Grey Reef Shark is the amblyrhynchos. The Genus name of the Grey Shark Reef is Carcharhinus. The Taxonomic name of the Grey Reef Shark is Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos. Grey Reef Sharks live in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. They are found in shallow tropical and subtropical waters, where they swim along the reefs. Grey Reef Sharks hunt their prey during the night and spend their days socializing in groups with other Grey Reef Sharks. At night time the Grey Reef sharks separate to find their prey such as; reef fishes, squids, octopus, shrimp, lobster, bony fish, and cowfish. The depth in which the Grey Reef Shark live in ranges from 0 to 920 ft., although they have been spotted in waters of 3,280 ft. The Grey Reef Shark can grow up to be 8.4 ft in lenghth. 6.6 ft is the average length of most Grey Reef Sharks. The life expectancy for the Grey Reef Sharks is 25 years. Silvertip Sharks are the predators of the Grey Reef Sharks. The Grey Reef Sharks are hunted by fisherman for their fins, which are used in fin soups. The Grey Reef Shark is considered as “near threatened” by the World Conservation Union.

1. The gravitational attraction of the sun and Moon on Earth creates ocean tides. Tides are generated by forces imposed on Earth that are caused by a combination of gravity and motion among Earth, the Moon and the Sun. The sun's…