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Turbomachinery and turbocharging 500H3
Course work brief

Please take some time to read these notes carefully before attempting the assessment.

This assessment contributes 30% of the marks for this course (the remaining
70% comes from the examination). The submission date is 4:00 p.m. on
Thursday, 19th April 2012. Reports should be submitted to the Engineering and Design School Office - late submission will incur the standard penalties.
The report should include the following:

Title page containing project title and student number. No report will be accepted if the student’s name is written anywhere in the report.

Abstract. Maximum one page. It should state what this report is about and summarise the main points in the report. It is not an introduction to the report.

Table of contents

Declaration about the originality of the work.


Introduction. Any material should rely on archived literature made up of
Journal and conference papers and books. Web pages which are not related to the above will not be accepted. Do not rely on Wikipedia. The introduction should not exceed 20% of the report.

Main body of the report containing your analysis and discussion organised in subsections as you see appropriate to present your work clearly. 

Conclusions. This should state the main points concluded from this work concisely, preferably itemised.

List of references. These should be written in a standard format and should include full reference details. References consulted more than once should be listed only once.


The report should have approximately 3000 words and should be typed with a minimum font 12 pts double spaced lines and should not exceed 40 pages in total including figures. Figures should be used only when necessary. They should be numbered and labelled with a clear caption. Sketches should be your own and not cut and paste from the internet. All terms in equations should be clearly defined and consistent units used. Show method of working out parameters, but do not list lengthy arithmetic additions, subtraction and divisions. Reports should be simply bound or pages stapled firmly together with an electronic copy of the report and any design programmes or spreadsheets used on a CD in a soft cover attached to the last page (Not on the front cover) of the report. Reports put in an envelope or a plastic wallet will not be accepted.


With the continuous drive towards reducing emissions and fuel consumption in automotive applications, there is a current drive to use various forms of hybrid cars. Almost all hybrid cars still rely on reciprocating engines. However, micro-gas turbines (MGTs) offer an attractive alternative which potentially could provide superior performance to reciprocating engines. In this project, you will explore the issues associated with using a micro-gas turbine as an alternative to reciprocating engines in a small size car and perform a preliminary design of a suitable MGT for this purpose. MGTs are known to perform efficiently at a relatively narrow range compared to IC engines and they also have a much slower response to load changes. One alternative to overcome both problems is to run the MGT constantly at its peak power, storing excess energy at low power demand and releasing this energy at peak demand. The specific tasks of this project are:
1. Write an introductory part which should not exceed 20% of the report.
You should review the basic features of hybrid vehicles and state the advantages and limitations of using a micro-gas turbine as a prime mover giving your view about a suitable system layout. Most of the report should focus on the following steps concerning analysis of the micro-gas turbine.
2. Given that the MGT will operate most of the time at a power significantly lower than peak power requirements, estimate the a suitable power rating of the gas turbine for a typical car taking into account the battery size and cost.