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My overall experience this week was great. I didn't expect class to be so open and the pace is awesome it allows everybody to communicate and learn more. Also I like how we don't have a huge amount of people in class. It allows us to ask questions if we ever need to without the bother of having to disrupt a large amount of students. I like how we did the group activity it allowed more peoples perspective on what we were learning. I learned quite a bit from my group members that I wouldn't have if I were working on the assignment alone. The assignments we did were a bit challenging but helpful to understand what the passage was saying. What I learned this week was something I wouldn't have studied in high school. I like how there is different concepts and learning studies to read better and it helps put the story or passage more into place. One thing that was familiar to me already was Logos, Ethos, and Pathos. We went over a lot of that during my senior year in high school. I look forward into learning about the toulmin strategy and also T.R.I.A.C. I haven't done either of those methods till I came here so it’s pretty cool to learn more ways to analyze a text. This week in class I learned how to analyze a text using the toulmin model. First you get the data which supports the claim. Then from there you find a claim inside the passage. After that you find a warrant which is supposed to connect to the claim that you wrote down. Then you find the backing in other words a statement that supports the warrant. The last thing is the restated claim which backs up your claim that was written down first. Another thing I learned about in my first week was how to use the program blackboard it’s really cool it’s easy to use and really helps you if you don't have any writing programs on your computer like Microsoft office. I also learned truly what an argument is intended for. It’s not tended to be based of bad things like getting into a fight. It’s mainly used for people to express their thought to one another about some topic or discussion. Mainly us American’s if we hear I just got into an argument its bad news because in our mind it’s like we were