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MIS 6319 Enterprise Resource Planning Participation Policies

 Students are participating in a University that values student responsibility.  Students enrolled in the course are 100% responsible for completing all steps of their homework assignments on time.  It is not the professor’s responsibility to tutor or solve student issues in following and completing the exercise. Guidelines:  Students submitting assignments after the due date/time, within 7 days of the due date, will receive a 25% deduction on their grade. The maximum possible grade will be 75%. There are no exceptions to this policy. Students submitting assignments after the cutoff date/time will receive a zero for the assignment. The maximum possible grade will be 0%. There are no exceptions to this policy. Students sometimes make the mistake of attaching and not submitting their assignments. Students must ATTACH and SUBMIT their assignments in e-learning. The professor and TA will only grade submissions found in E-learning. Students are encouraged to make sure they have a current browser with updated Java. Issues with e-learning can be resolved by contacting the e-learning team. Students are expected to work ahead and plan their submissions ahead of time to avoid any technical issues. Claims of technical issues will not be a sufficient excuse for turning in an assignment late. ERP assignments are challenging and require a large allocation of time each week. If students are not prepared to spend a large amount of time on the assignments, they should drop the course. All of the assignments have been tested well and work properly if the instructions are followed. If a student has an issue on an assignment they should reach out to their peer group for assistance.

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Students can also attend the weekly lab for assistance. Assistance in the lab will require the student to prepare for that discussion with: o What they understand. o What they have completed