Class Reflective Essay

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Pages: 3

Have you ever had that feeling where reading and writing just seem to not be “your thing,” or you just feel like you’re never going to be at the level you want to be? Well, personally I have felt that all my life, ever since I had to write my first multi-paragraph essay, however many years ago that was. Essays, especially those responding to a reading excerpt or critically analyzing an article, always seemed impossible and I dreaded every second of the process. My time during this english class has taught me some basic writing techniques that I never realized I needed to brush up on. Although my writing is not yet superb, I feel as though it has improved tremendously. While writing, I focus more on critical thinking and less on the dreadfulness of the assignment. In fact, I am definitely not as stuck in my sorrows of writing an essay as I was before this class. So today I would like to state that I should pass this English course and the entire University Writing Skills Requirement with evidence from the writing assignments I completed so far and my overall efforts towards this class. …show more content…
This course was compiled together with weekly assignments and discussions, three timed essays, and three separate essays. The essays all together will complete my portfolio, which will fully help you understand why I should pass this class and the entire University Writing Skills Requirement. I have put in an ample amount of work and effort into this class, all while learning vital reading and writing skills that I will take with me in every future academic endeavor. Punctuality, organization, and determination are all characteristics I carried with me throughout this course, which were all key ingredients towards success and the overall completion of each