Classes: High School and Chess Team Essay

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Throughout my life, I’ve shown leadership which I know as the ability to lead, or in other words, having the power to influence others. Leaders such as pastors and priests are great examples, but there’s also the type of leadership that is unwanted, such as an Autocratic leadership where others have no word in it. My leadership doesn’t involve well-spoken speeches or dictatorship. In fact, I base my leadership off becoming an epitome, or role model for and to my community.
While attending grammar school, I was part of a 5th grade club. In this club, I helped as a cross guard for my school and community. I also helped clean the lunch room and supervise the younger children on the playground. It was a great experience and I became very popular in the club and soon chosen to be leader of the school’s “5th grade Field Day” and placed at the beginning of the Tug-of-war rope to show my leadership. In 6th grade, I volunteered for my church’s children’s ministry band and learned to play the keyboard. I was also a servant for their breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. It was really fun and I was extremely well-known at the church. In 8th grade, I moved up to supervising the children’s ministry for another great experience. I hosted fun activities most Sundays and taught them how to play their songs for the Christmas Event. My family soon left the church and I joined the chess team my freshman year. Sophomore year, I joined wrestling on Junior Varsity (JV), sold candy for the booster club, and did community service with my Chess Team. Junior year, I was appointed Team Captain of my Varsity Chess team and JV Wrestling team. As the chess captain, I taught my team different strategies…