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Octavio Aceves
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Friday, September 5th Anyan's social class
It is not hard to tell that social status or class equates much of the living conditions and opportunities available. One can not truly fathom the immense difference between classes; blue collar, middle class, and white collar. Studies were created in different environments and school settings to better show the drastic changes in day to day schooling based on an ever present caste system. Stance is one of the key points, showing the stifling changes on viewpoints as well as treatment of students and the attitudes shown towards them, in blue collar education teachers act as a sort of drill sergeant. This type of relationship allows no analyzation and thus often times the work goes beyond the instructions given. In middle to upper class schools their is much more regard for student's and as a result they are given more liberties; leaving class without the use of the bell, bathroom breaks without having to ask use of school supplies. In middle to upper class schools books are used to teach students, most would think to be provided across the boards but this is not so for lower class schools where books are a luxury .What is also seen in lower class schools, most information is based on practicality, where education also fails to be conceptualized. Materials are scarce in blue collar schooling where everything seems to be property of the teachers, resulting in a copy and paste environment. Rote behavior in exhbitied in blue collar where work is demanding and can be very mechanical where little decision making and input is alloted to student's. looking into the middle class activities are more illustrative involving some choice, only prepping for the