Frescos Were An Important Part Of Roman Life

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Classical Civilisation.
Frescos- Style 2.
Frescos were an important part of Roman life, even though they do not seem important to us, they were to the Romans. In theory, frescos were big wall paintings in and around the house. There are four styles of frescos that Romans once had such as The Masonry Style, The Illusionist Style, The Ornate Style and the fourth is a combination of them all. In this presentation I will discuss the research I found on my chose style: The second style. The second style’s name is either the Illusionist Style or the Architectural Style but both names work, there is no original name for the second style. The reason behind the naming of the Illusionist Style is because the wall painting is so intricately designed and so well executed that it gives an illusion that the Roman inhabitant inside the house is actually somewhere else. Since Roman households tend to not have any windows, this second style of fresco gives the rooms a much bigger and more open impression, as if they were actually looking through a window thus giving an illusion. To further this illusion, some frescos, to be more specific; frescos creating the feeling of wealth would have columns and porticos framing the wall, almost acting like a window frame. The second style consists of a wall painting depicting different scenes that would cause the inhabitant to feel a sense of freedom or wealth or something other; each different scene would arouse different feelings. For example, a room may have a fresco of an open landscape to give the onlooker a feel of freedom and open space whilst another, framed by columns, would be a