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Classical Civilizations
Throughout History, ancient civilizations have shared to the cultural and unreal life of humanity. These times were also called the golden ages, which included a stable government and strong economy. One thing they contributed was the Silk Road got its name, from the good silk which people wanted in the Europe and Asia. The Silk Road wasn’t safe; it was dangerous because of thieves, stealing from merchants trying to sell their products. The trade was helping ancient China to grow bigger, because the trade was helping them to communicate with Central Asia. It promoted cultural diffusion because people trading were coming from different cultures such as Europe and China; they were going back and forth to bring new ideas and new products. Ancient China was able to keep their government and focus on science and technology. China was able to invent so many things because they were able to keep the government and concentrate on science and technology. Two inventions that were used in ancient China and that are still used today are the compass and anesthetics. The compass is used today because it guides people in which direction they are going, and anesthetics is used today because, it causes anesthesia, puts a patient to sleep during a surgery.
Ancient Roman Empire had big areas and had many different groups of people. Since the Roman property was so big, they created a code of laws, also called the 12 tables. People today still use the form of the 12 tables to make their laws.