Classical Conditioning and Hancock John Hancock Essay

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Movie Review: “Hancock” Emanuel Vasquez

Professor: Michael Christensen

Psychology 1010-004

Utah Valley University

February 28, 2013



Movie Review “Hancock” John Hancock (Will Smith) is a powerful superhero who has become a looser because of his addiction to alcohol and clumsy acts. He has also become the most hated person in Los Angeles. Even though he has saved many lives, he also destroyed many properties, costing the city millions every time he gets in action. After Hancock saves Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman) at the cost of derailing the train and damaging other cars. Hancock is jeered by the people involved in the accident for causing more destruction but, Ray
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The only reward he had was to be an embittered superhero (Behavioral Approach). Since then the only memory that Hancock had was a little box with a pair of tickets to the movie "Boris Karloff, Frankenstein" and a bubble gum. Each time Hancock watched that little box his hands were shaking from fear to know who he really was (Biological Approach). In addition, the behavior that Hancock ended up having after people started to love him did not match the cultural context he had. Hancock had a different cultural environment, their attitudes and manners were inconsistent with the scope of a person famous and beloved. Moreover, the cultural environment of celebrities was totally different, extravagance, lust and popularity were the area where famous people live (Sociocultural Approach). Another example to show the contemporary approach can be shown by the performance of Ray (Jason Bateman). Ray is a public relations spokesperson, that his only intention is to make this a better world, for that Ray has a campaign that is planning do it. His project is called "all-heart" which aims to help people in need. This project is led a group of pharmaceutical businesspersons. Despite the rejection received by pharmaceutical businesspersons. Ray does not give up having a positive attitude that someday he will achieve its desire to help others



(Humanistic Approach). When Ray invites Hancock to eat meatballs