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The classical era
The term "classical” is often used to describe music that is not rock, pop, jazz or another style. However, there is also a Classical era in music history that includes songs written from about 1750 to 1825.
I have chosen this era because I feel that between 1750 and 1825 music changed by placing a greater stress on clarity, but still have melodic expression and instrumental colour.
Also in this era our modern orchestra is finally established. The four families of music that we have now (strings, brass, woodwind and percussion) are finally clear.
Another important thing to add is, that in this era, the clarinet can finally take some credit for the sounds it produces. For this we can thank Mozart who was one of the first composers to use it.
However the most important thing that happened in the classical era is that the piano was invented. Before this time there were similar instruments to pianos, (e.g. harpsichord or organ). But now the most important musical instrument, (of our time) is invented.

Overview of other eras
Ancient era
Not much is known about the ancient era, however we do know that king David was the most important composer in this era. He composed a group of songs to god. We also know that the flute was invented in this era.
Medieval era
This era is completely different to the modern era, this is mainly because of the instruments used to make music. Instrument’s used like the recorder and guitar, we still used today, however there are also instruments like the racket viele and shawm are way past their time. Another big difference between music then and music now is, that in the medieval period, almost all pieces of music involve chanting in groups. The chants were usually about love stories.
This is a very important era, because music changed a lot from the medieval era. Most compositions in the renaissance era had polyphonic characteristics. This means that they had to or more line of independent melody, as oppose to the medieval era which had monophonic characteristics (single line of voice) in it compositions. ba Famous composers of the classical era
A famous composer who lived in the classical era, is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
He was born on January 27th 1756 in Austria, to Leopold Mozart, and Anna Marie.
Mozart was a child prodigy, this means he was very good at a