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Primary reasons against legalizing marijuana are:
Social Reasons
• Some Americans believe that marijuana ingestion is immoral, and that their moral standards should be required of all Americans.
• Long-term or abusive use of marijuana can be harmful to a person's health and well-being.
• Second-hand smoke from marijuana can be harmful to others.
• Many allege that regular marijuana use can lead to use of harder, more harmful drugs such as heroin and cocaine.
Law Enforcement Reasons
• Some opponents of legalizing marijuana believe that individuals involved in illegal buying and selling of the drug are more likely than average to be involved in other crimes, and that society is safer with marijuana offenders incarcerated.
• Law enforcement agencies don't want to be construed as supporting drug use.
There are no signficant fiscal reasons against U.S. legalization of marijuana.
Classicism in the Arts
• Order, objectivity, and proportion
• Greece and Rome
• European aristocratic sovereigns
• American Revolution (1775–83) – Led to the rise of the middle class.
• French Revolution (1789–99- Rise of the middle class. (Les Miserables)
• Advances in science and ideas- Discovered electricity, cotton gin, etc.
• Industrial Revolution- Rise of the middle class.
• Age of Reason- Follow the ideas of Voltaire (Middle class = to everyone else)
Baroque- Complex, Polyphonic Music.
Classical- Homophonic, Simple Music. The Viennese School
• Haydn- Classical Composer (Grandfather)
• Mozart- Classical Composer (Prodigy, Only lived about 23 years)
• Beethoven- Late Classical Composer
• Schubert- Romantic Composer
They set the bar for how Classical Music was going to be developed, All very innovative.

Elements of Classical Style
• Singable, lyrical melody
• Diatonic harmony
• Regular rhythms and meters
• Homophonic texture
(melody with accompanying harmony)
• Frequent use of folk elements

The Patronage System
• Music was considered to be an adornment of life
• Social events
• Musicians little better than servants (Composers)
• Women under the system of patronage (Women are now allowed to be a part of the music)
• Public concert venue (site) inspires productivity in composers

Expanding Musical Ideas
• Themes- (Reoccurring melodic idea in music, unifies music, starting