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Chellian Llanes
Type of business categories that helps a society develop
When will you know if a society is developing? Development means advancement. A rise from simplicity to a more complex state. In our world today, businesses have evolved. We experience advancement faster than before because of some new-school factors mixed with the old business principles. How do businesses now help a society develop? We can classify the development of a society with three business categories such as technology, online business and business-to-business.
With technological business having a huge impact on society today, people can live their lives fast, easy, and always connected. Gadgets such as cell phones, mp3 players, tablets and laptops, are now part of human life because they make-work easier, faster and better. Microsoft is one of the well known in the technology industry. It helped businesses, schools, and households everywhere evolve or advance. How does it help society advance? Here’s a simple concept. Computers are machines, and machines make life easier for people, a society is a comprised of people. As technology advances, so does society.
A business should offer convenience to people, and through this a community can experience a comfortable, leisurely, and practical lifestyle. This is achieved through online businesses or online to online. For example, getting food these days could be just a few clicks away, food companies, such as McDonalds, has found ways to deliver food thru the internet which is easy to access. Also, shopping these days could just be done at home. Hot where one could pick what they want online, arrange payment, and then just wait for the item to be delivered straight to their doorstep.
People these days do not need to go far anymore to get what they need, online-to-online businesses today provide a faster, easier, convenient, and more accessible way for them, which can be considered as