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Cartoons: Then and Now
Brianna Zeigler
Brown Mackie College
May 26, 2015

Cartoons: Then and Now

In the event that you'd ask any individual today, their feeling would be that the most mainstream kid's shows nowadays are not meant for the eyes of children. The cartoons that are out today have a considerable measure of material that are not suitable for youngsters. Shows like Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, American Dad, and South Park are not exactly at the standards that the old cartoons that used to be shown to me as a child were.
Given these cases, the new shows have dialog and material that are more grown-up situated and make references that children would not correctly understand. Before airing, they have a parental supervision cautioning before demonstrating on TV, which basically says, this is for grown-ups not youngsters. What is not known is that the way that they are still so prevalent with the kids that they are not meant to captivate.
After the child begins talking in the way of the cartoon, parents then decide that the ones at fault are the TV Company, and the writers of the show for making these words and ways accessible. These issues have been shown on a few different episodes of Family Guy. It is said that they are the ones to be faulted for what their children watch.
With those points being said, that prompts something that is also important. How these kid's shows are structured and the events that do take place in them appear to be the path demonstrates all in all appear to be going. Writers now get awa with a considerable measure of things that would have gotten