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Different Types of Friends: When I went to school there were three types of friends. The first type of friend is acquaintances. They are friends that you know their name but don’t know a whole lot about them, like where they live, if they have a brother or a sister, or what activities they like to do outside of school. If you are out in public and see them you might not recognize them, even if they are in your class on a regular basis. In some cases acquaintances can scare you if you just judge them by their appearance. Acquaintances are people who you do not talk about your personal life with, but small talk, like how to do a homework assignment or what the weather is going to be like that day. If you were to come into a class with some of my acquaintances, you would see me talking to them some, but mostly keeping to myself. The second group of friends is activity friends. These friends are people who you like to talk to and even make an effort to talk to on a regular basis. Most of the time, you can find this group of friends on your sports teams, clubs, or other activities and hobbies. Some of the time these friends hang around your friend circle. For example, activity friends might be people who you only see when you are with a certain group of friends that you are hanging out with. Most of the time, you see them inside and outside of school. These friends know more about you then acquaintances do like who is in your family, or he or she might know part of your recent past. If you would go into the halls of my school you would see my high fiving, and talking to them briefly about a particular thing that happened in my last class. The third and final type of friend you have are best friends. Best friends are people that have known you your whole life, and you guys go way back into grade school. This friend is the friend that you spend most of your time