Essay on Classifications of Live Concert Attendees

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XEveryone listens to music. And everyone has their favorite genre of music. Some love all genres equally altogether and love to express themselves at the favorite artists live concerts. After attending these concerts a numerable amount of times it becomes more comfortable. And also, it is learned after some time that there are some people there that catch the eye. These regulars are at every concert, each with one particular thing they intend to do. These people can be easily spotted and grouped together. Some go to these events to do other things than watch the show and others enjoy the show a little too much. Going to Electronic Dance Music concerts, these specific groups of people becomes more noticeable because the intention is to dance. The Social Networker, The Wanderer, the Gazer, and The Over Achiever. All of these classifications can be clearly visible at events such as EDM concerts.
The sole purpose of going to EDM concerts or gigs is to dance. It is the DJ’s job to read his or her audience and keep them moving and keep them interested in how they do so. And while jumping up and down to the beat and the energy around, there is a bright light flashing everytime the person jumping back down to ground. This person occasionally and randomly jumping while still looking at her phone is the Social Networker. The entire concert, this person is zoned into which ever Social Networking site whether it be tweeting, facebooking, or instagramming every waking second of the concert. The Social Networker is a very difficult one to be around. While jumping and dancing, moving around is inevitable. And while the Social Networker is not paying an ounce of attention to what is happening around her, they become an obstacle no one wants to run into.
While jumping around the Social Networker, you finally break away from one obstacle only to be shoved by another. These are known as The Wanderers. These people usually come in partially large groups of friends to all enjoy a night out. Among the chaos that slowly comes to play with these events, it is easy to get separated from the group. The Wanderer is the one that has been unfortunately left behind. Panic sets in and it starts. This person has only one mindset and that is to relocate the group. No matter what it takes. Normally, frantic yelling of names and pushing others out of the way is the usual from these Wanderers. Some go the entire night without seeing their group because the movement is always constant. Being pushed can erupt bad attitudes from people who are actually enjoying the show and make it even more difficult to find whoever they are looking for. The Gazer is another one of those people like the Social Networker. Upon arriving to their first concert of their favorite band or performer. They become awe struck by personally seeing their idol or inspiration for the first time in their life. And once struck, the only thing that can be capable of applying is standing there, staring with no…