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For my second PIP, I chose to visit the English department and go to the Writing Center at in Martin Hall. I visited the center on Tuesday, March 5 2013 at 1:00 p.m. until 2:30 p.m. I chose to visit this resource because I have been noticing that my English professor has written the same comments and critiques on almost all of my papers. I have attempted to fix these errors in other papers but I still did not seem to meet his expectations. I wanted to get another opinion about how to fix my mistakes so I met with one of the tutors, Matt and he was able to explain what my professor wanted more clearly to me. As I showed Matt my papers, he noticed that the majority of my struggles were in my citations and my organization. He suggested that I make a detailed outline of my paper with topic sentences, supporting details and conclusion thoughts. Matt also showed me a website that literally makes citations for you so that solved my citing problem very quickly. As he read over a few of my papers and said that they are good papers, just not what my professor is wanting. He explained that instead of telling stories, I need to pose statements and arguments that I can use data to prove. This made everything much easier and a whole lot clearer. To prepare for the visit, I made sure I had printed out all of my papers with the comments and feedback that Dr. Beach (my English professor) had given, located the center before hand so I knew where I was going and made sure I gave myself plenty of time to be there so I was not rushed. I also had a list of questions and concerns I needed to discuss with a tutor while I was there. I had wanted to ask what a good strategy for keeping a paper on topic was, how I could make my papers more to meet my professor’s expectations and how to research data to find