Essay on Classroom’s Sitting Location and Student’s Performance

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Classroom’s Sitting Location and Student’s Performance

I totally disagree with that surveillance and studies about the closer the students sit from the instructor the better. What do really matters in order to get good grades are the students learning skills, instructor performance, and classroom condition. It does not really make any different were the students choose to sit inside the classroom.
First, in order to get good grades, student’s learning skill is one of the factors that really matters, instead of student’s proximity around the instructor. One of the skills the Students must exercise instead of sitting closer to the teacher is active participation in any instructor’s lecture. A good student asks questions, contribute with classroom activities, and respond question from instructors and fellow students. Moreover, students study skill after class can be practiced independently were the student sit in class. If students care about getting good grades they must focus on do the homework, late night studying session and internet researches, instead of fighting the first row sit in class. Even more, the students should be able to write notes about lectures regardless were he or she sit. If the student wants to get good grades they must write down everything on the board and write note about what the instructor is talking about. This is what the student really should care about instead of the sitting location in class
Second, student's success in a course can be achieved with outstanding instructor's performance regardless of student's sitting place in the classroom. One more factor that influence in the student’s hearing ability from any angle in class is the Instructor voice quality. The instructors’ voice should be trained in a way he or she can speak clearly and preferably lauder so everyone can hear him or her independently the location they are sitting in the classroom.
Furthermore the instructor’s writing and dialoging skill should be moderately slow for further student comprehension from any place in the classroom. A good instructor talks and writes in a student favorable rate so they would be able to take note. Also, Instructors complete knowledge on any class topic does make the difference regardless of students sitting place. If the instructor dominate the topic it would probably be easier for the student to learn it as well. Therefore instructor performance instead of “VIP” seat is key in order for students to get good grades.
Third, everything inside the classroom but student's sitting