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My plan as of now is to teach a small self-contained special education classroom between 1st and 3rd grade.
My classroom will be well organized with the theory everything has a home and should be put away and clean. I would be worried that if my things are not organized it would reflect on how the students would be less likely to be organized and prepared. Tools and materials would be organized and put into proper storage areas. Areas in the classroom will have to be clear and free of clutter incase tantrums or some activities require extra room. If a student went into a tantrum I want there to be a small space available so property or other students do not become affected. The student’s desks will be gathered in groups of two or three to help students work of social skills along with getting to know each student. Seats will change often to give everyone a fair chance. If students become disruptive or too much talking I will change the seating to single rows. I personally like bright colors to help keep positive attitude so the decoration of my choice will be bright and cheerful. I would personally like to keep a bunch of different textured items in the classroom for sensory therapy.
As children enter my classroom I plan of standing at the door welcoming and greeting everyone that walks into my classroom. Possible start with a question or one word to make them wonder what the day is going to bring. I am going to make all children feel as comfortable as possible as some children with special needs may require extra attention of some kind. Prior to them walking in to the classroom I plan on having something wrote, drawn or a physical item in front of them. I am going to have them wondering what this thing is for. It would be something related to the days lesson in hopes to grab their attention instantly. I want to make my classroom as fun as possible without making the students feel as if they are sitting behind a desk doing a boring lesson. I want to engage the students in hands on activities as much as possible.
I am going to use the token economy system. We will be earning points or little bears or stickers toward rewards such as free time, outside lessons, or student choice. I will have a chart made for each student and have each student earn stickers or points toward certain things for the day. The exact thing will be determined by each child’s individual needs. Some students may require using their words; others may need reminders to raise their hand. Points will be giving depending on students. I will have a cool place set up in the classroom for students who may need a place to calm down, take a few deep breaths or even tantrum alone without other students being affected. Parental contact is key. Understanding each child and their needs is critical and communicating between parent and teacher and so important.
I want to start the lesson with the visual item that I would have sitting out. I