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Classroom management can be the most important thing a teacher can do for his or her classroom. Classroom management is ensuring that the classroom run smoothly. When a classroom is managed, it creates an environment where the students are focus and there is a positive environment which creates growth in the classroom. Classroom management should start the first day the students enter your classroom. When the classroom is mange it ensures that the students and you are on the same page. Once a teacher loses control of their classroom it is difficult to regain control. To have a successful classroom that is well manage there should be structure, student involvement; the teacher should remain calm and try different teaching practice.
Every classroom should have structure. Structure is the foundation of every classroom and students respond well to structure. Not only does it provide students with a safe environment, but it helps increase their ability to succeed in the classroom. The goal for structure in a classroom is to increase productivity and learning. You can start by setting expectations in the classroom. You can do this by having a clear understanding of the class rules on the first day the students enter your class. The students should know what is allowed and what is not allowed. You can do this by establishing a class routine. Dr. Fred Jones the author of Tools For Teaching (2007) said that a classroom routine is simply a well-rehearsed response to a teacher’s directive. This helps minimize off task behavior. When you have gaps in your routine you allow stress to enter the classroom, which will have you spending most of the time redirecting students. “A wise teacher knows that spending time on procedures early in the semester saves time and energy in the long run. Prevention is always cheaper than remediation” (Jones). You should address all students who are off task by redirecting them. When you redirect you need to decide on the course of action you want to take and then follow through on that your action. When students know what expected, they have a clear understanding of the structure in the classroom and the classroom is manage well and everyone has a chance to learn.
Student involvement is important in managing a classroom. When you have student involvement in the classroom, they are more focus and learn can acore. They are able to handle classroom challenge. Student involvement captures the student’s attention, which prevent dead time. Get students involvement by having students collaborates in group projects. Each student should have a special job in the classroom, that way no one is isolated. The job should be simply but also make the student feel important. Try creating a job as simply as having a student do roll call in the morning or passing out papers. Having students grade each other paper is a great way to get students involve. Student involvement is a great way to get feedback for the teacher. It helps get a better understand of who contribute to the classroom and who is not. Creating a student government in the class can be very helpful with feedback. The government can help assist you with planning lessons and holiday parties. Student involvement help manage a successful classroom.

Being a teacher is not an easy job and at times you can find yourself wanting to pull your hair out. You may even find yourself yelling or talking in a harsh tone. Staying calm is very important in managing a classroom. “A teacher’s actions mold student’s behavior” (Jones). “Yelling only works in the moment. Like a playground bully, it’s used to intimidate students into compliance” (Linsin). When you feel like you have lost control of your classroom, stop and take a breather. It may sound so simple but it works. “General rules deal with broad classes of behavior and are best stated in positive rather than negative language” (Jones).You should never argue with a student, it very unprofessional and the situation can