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Classroom Management 1

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Classroom Management Plan
Maryrose Davis
ECE611: Early Childhood Curriculum and Methods (MSB1342A)
Marsha Moore
November 24,2013

Classroom Management 2

Classroom Management Plan

The Early childhood classroom is a place that young children will continue to grow. The young children should be able to explore and manipulate materials as they see fit. The classroom should be developmentally appropriate for the children a well. My beliefes regarding classroom managemt are that the techer should be first create a classroom envioument that would allow the children to feel as if the want to come to class,
Teachers should use positive encouragement and not negetive feed back. Children should be praised when their action warrant this and the discipline for a negative action should be age appropriate. Time out should not be used the children should be removed from the situational and redirected to a better choice away from what is stimulating them. The creative curriculum teaching style and curriculum is the best foundation for the teaching of young . This style of teaching seems to be the best way to allow young children to be creative and to learn at the same time. The children are able to lean skills as they work with what interest them. If the children are interested in cars the teacher can create a lesson plan on cars and the children will learn concepts such as color, size, shapes, be able to use express language and be able to have conversations with at least two to three

Classroom Management 3

The Early childhood classroom should be well managed and developmentally appropriate. because A well organized classroom will keep major discipline problems., A well managed classroom will allow parents to see how the children are learning., and A well organized classroom will allow the children to learn on their own. Classroom Design
The classroom will be designed for children ages 3 to 5 years old. The classroom will have clearly labeled areas of the classroom. The areas would be divided into quiet and noise areas. The area would be labeled as housse area, Art Area, Science Area, library area, music area, computer area, manipulative area, block area, the science area,. The quiet areas would be the library area, the computer area. The noisy areas would be the block area, house area, the music area,. The areas would be set up with enough materials that the children would be able to work in the area with little to know conflict over materials. the Block area would have shelves that would be labeled with pictures and words. The materials in the area would be wooden block of all sizes, waffle blocks, puppet stand and puppets, books that relate to the area, people, paper and pencils, cars and trucks, tracks, traffic signs. The block area will be were the children will be able to use imagination skills. The children will also be able to create using materials and planning what they want to do in the area. The house area would have dress up clothes, table with chairs, sink, refrigerator, dolls, baby bed. phone,

Classroom Management 4

clothes for the baby dolls, books that relate to the area. In the house area the children will be able to use their imaginations and recall skills as they pretend to do what they have seen adults do in the home. The art area