Classroom Observation Paper

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Throughout my observation hours, I have gained knowledge and better understanding of applications in child and youth development.. For example in the child development module, we learned in the adolescent stage of a child, they experience change in their social and physical development. As mentioned in the Child Development Lecture (Gonzalez, Slide 16) , the social change of an adolescent include social acceptance. Social acceptance was evident in Anthonys social skills, because I noticed during his lunch period, he walked around to all the lunch tables and talked to all of his peers. Anthony did not stay in one spot during lunch as I noticed most students did but instead directly talked to different social groups. Anthony made it clear he …show more content…
Anthony did not receive any participation points in his culinary because he refused to read outloud to the classroom. The classroom as a whole were assigned to read a chapter in the book out loud as part of their grade. During 4th period, Anthony seemed exhausted because I noticed he had his head down on his desk at times during the reading. His exhaustion, illustrates how he struggles with refocusing his attention back to his academics. I noticed a pattern when I observed for 2 days, Anthony's attitude toward achieving academically seems to change during 4th period. He is also influenced by his peers because he was not the only one who was not participating. The Dynamics Skill Theory Video by Kurt Fisher illustrates how students may have mastered a particular skill, but they also have a period of aggression. Anthony is capable of reading out loud to the classroom but during 4th period he goes through a moment of aggression. Also known as a period of when he starts to develop an attitude and aggigated. Fischer also illustrates how a students progression and performance may increase but also decrease. Anthony shows his performance is decreasing, although in other classes he demonstrates high a performance. Another example of how Anthony's lack of focus is challenging for him is through his rote knowledge. Willingham(2009) illustrates how students have memorized words and have no understanding of the material. Anthony during his math class received a 6/10 on his graded homework. Although Anthony was able to get the vocabulary terms correct on his homework, he was unable to demonstrate his knowledge of the terms through the math problems. Rote knowledge is being used in Antony's learning process because he is unable to incorporate what he knows through math