Classroom Observation Paper

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The first field study that I attended was at Eastside Elementary and I observed a Kindergarten classroom, the teachers name was Whitney Graves. When I walked into the front office, I noticed that everyone was speaking Spanish. The front desk clerk was trying to control all of the Spanish-speaking guests in the lobby. I found my classroom and walked in to find a very happy classroom. There were about 16 students present that day but I saw 18 desks so a few students may have been absent. The classroom was mostly of the Hispanic race. You could tell that there were a lot of ELL students in that class. The classroom was set up very nicely for a kindergarten classroom. The desks were long tables and most of them were in groups of four. Others only had one or two students.
The classroom had a lot of fun bulletin boards that had to do with reading. On the white board there was a word wall. At the front of the classroom was a big carpet, this is where they did there out loud reading. I really enjoyed the classroom set up but the classroom library did not look very big and there was not a lot of reading individually. When I walked in, the students were eating their breakfast and watching a kids
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Then the students raised their hands to answer it aloud to the class. Once the teacher knew that the student understood why they knew it was night time by looking at the picture, she put her writing journal on the SMARTboard through the document camera and showed the students how to write their name and date at the top of the paper. The teacher then went through and prompted the students to write a sentence on how they knew that it was night time in the picture. After that the students were called to line up for