Classroom Observation Paper

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I observed Mrs. Delay’s Visual Art classroom and I believe it to be thus far the best learning experience of my college career. Mrs. Delay’s classroom is everything I aspire to have one day. Four County Career is an extraordinary work place with experienced staff, kind faculty, and excellent education. Teaching Visual Arts and Design in a vocational school is the career I foresee in my future. I believe this to be the best career option for me because I want to work with high school students and want to teach practical art knowledge. I want to give my student the same opportunities I was given to jump start their career in the arts. Currently, Mrs. Delays senior class was conducting button sales for the school to fund money for art field …show more content…
Delays junior class were wrapping up whatever project each student was working on and building their initial portfolio. This class was considerably large and slightly less organized with students frantically seeking assistance. This is typical for a junior class from what I remember as a student, considering their ignorance. It was really interesting to notice the contrast between the behavior of the juniors and seniors. I took this time to really observe Mrs. Delay and how she approached each individual. Mrs. Delay was actively assisting students in every direction. She would have to gather supplies for one student then assist another in creating something on Photoshop or help a student select pieces for their portfolio. Obviously overwhelmed with the amount of work to be done she continued to remain composed and effective while help each individual. This help me visibly see the work expected from me as a future instructor and the amount of effort I would have to exert towards each student. Mrs. Delay enable the student to succeed by actively offering assistance and sparking an interest in each student. She vigorously paid attention to each student but refused to be a babysitter. She believes that the student know what’s expected of them and that their grade was their responsibility. I agreed with this and feel like it will help the student become more responsible and enabled them to succeed in their senior year. The second portion of the day was a great learning experience for me due to analyzing Mrs. Delays teaching and assisting