Classroom Observation Paper

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In every classroom there will most likely be a student with a learning disability. Learning disabilities are very common, it is a condition where students have difficulties obtaining information. The classroom I got to observe was an amazing summer classroom where there were students with learning disabilities. In the classrooms there were at total of thirteen students and one teacher, out of the thirteen students two had a learning disability. One of the student named Alex, who struggled with bad hand writing, spelling, and memory. The second student Adrian, had trouble staying focused to receive and process the information given to him. In the class I observed the teacher tried to look for different instructional techniques for all of the students. I noticed that she would look for different approaches to make sure that students would understand clearly her instructions. What I noticed was that she would use visual aids and while explaining as well as dramatic hand movements. Another technique that she used throughout the day was to show them what she wanted them to do and then repeat it over and over. For example, for her math lesson she was teaching the students how to break down small word problems. She showed how to break it down on the board and the after she verbally repeated the steps about two times. Which I though was very helpful for …show more content…
For the classroom that I observed I didn’t notice too much of the typical curriculum being used. However, for math her lesson did include patterns and functions, which are the standards for a fourth grade class. For the literacy class she focused on comprehension of words and grammar. For reading she had small groups depending on the level the students were. She would make each student read a page or two. Which I found very helpful for the student and her. She could see what they needed help with as well as how they grow. Especially the students with the learning