Classroom Observation Paper

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On September 25, 2015, I visited Brushy Creek Head Start Center to chair a Multi-disciplinary Team Session for Aviore Williams, Jr. enrollee. Ms. Shun’Tesia Floyd, parent was present. Aviore is a second year African American enrollee who has a developmental delay ruling and receive special education services from Copiah County School District. Furthermore Aviore has a mental health plan enacted by Pat Sneed the Mental Health consultant for the agency.
A Multi- disciplinary Team Session was scheduled due to observations noted by Gladys Kiner, Disability Coordinator and other monitoring team members of Aviore Williams demonstrating aggressive/out-of-control behaviors on September 21, 2015. Also, to develop a plan of action that would provide
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Floyd couldn’t digest the encouragements I gave her, because the conservation led back to Ms. Jones not liking her child. It appeared to me that Ms. Floyd has lots of anger that has built up inside of her toward Ms. Jones and Ms. Osborne.
After Ms. Floyd left the center, I went to Avoire’s classroom to speak with Ms. Catchings his teacher. I asked Ms. Catchings was she aware of Avoire‘s mother negative attitude towards Ms. Jones. She indicated, “Yes.” Ms. Catchings went on to say that Ms. Floyd had stated to her that Ms. Jones was talking about her and her child in the community and when she got close to Ms. Jones, she was going to burst her in the mouth. I asked Ms. Catchings had she made Ms. Jones aware of Ms. Floyd’s comments, she stated,” yes.”
I also had a conversation with Patricia McFarland, Child Service Worker for Brushy Creek Head Start Center to determine if she was aware of Ms. Floyd’s negative attitude towards Ms. Jones. She stated, “Yes.” Ms. McFarland stated that Ms. Floyd never acknowledged Ms. Jones or stop by the office before going to the classroom. She indicated that when Ms. Floyd comes to the center she go directly to the classroom. According to Ms. McFarland, she never witness Ms. Floyd asking Ms. Jones for permission. Ms. McFarland also stated that Ms. Jones never said anything to Ms. Floyd to avoid