Classroom Observation Paper

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During the semester, we discussed diversity in the classroom, classroom layout, classroom management, and difficult situations in the classroom. Each of these topics that were discussed in class, combined with what I have witnessed in the classroom, have given me an idea of what to expect when I have a classroom as my own.
Within my classroom, I observed different kinds of diversity. I saw the obvious diversity that people look to (such as skin color and gender), but I also saw other form of diversity within my observation classroom. I observed that majority of the class have black hair (with twelve children), followed by brown (either children), blonde (four), and finally red (two students). Over time, I began to gather an idea of who came from wealthier homes, and I learned about opinions their opinions on certain topics. I found that some students loved writing short stories, and even comic books, in their free time; but the same students did not enjoy having to write sentences for spelling words. There were never any students who were consistently bringing their lunch. Every student ate
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The layout of a classroom is critical to making the classroom a usable and welcoming place for yourself and your students. In my observation classroom, my teacher had some flexible seating that could be utilized with permission during class, as some children abused the privilege. The seating arrangement in the classroom was in groups of five, so the students could collaborate and assist one another as needed. The classroom had windows all long the outer wall. They are mostly covered by blinded to prevent them from becoming a distraction. The other walls had anchor charts, informational charts, and other decorations. One thing that stands out in the class is the rug at the front of the class. When the students are on the rug, they have assigned places, or the students can use flexible seating depending on the reason for being on the