Classroom Observation Paper

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This is my last day of observations. I have enjoyed this week so much. I have learned so much from this great teacher and her very special group of students. At 7:45 am, Student A was already in her chair. She screamed as I walked through the door. She was reading or reviewing a worksheet at her desk. Then, she began to color on her worksheet. She appeared to really be concentrating on this activity. Then, the student began bouncing up and down in her chair making chant-like noises. At 8:10 am, Students B, C, D, E, and F arrived and began writing their spelling words. Student A was rocking back and forth in her chair saying, “Moo, moo, moo”. Student F finished his spelling words quickly and asked if he could work on his math sheet. At 8:15 …show more content…
The red and green spellers studied at their desks. Students G and A went with the teacher’s aide to the nurse’s office for a bathroom break. Next, the green-level spellers, Students B, C, D, and H went to the testing table. Student G continued smacking the paper against his desk. Student K arrived at 9:20 am and began writing his spelling words. Every yellow-level speller made a 100% on their spelling test. Then, they got “free time” on the computer. After looking, I noticed that most of them were on the PBS Kids website. Student A was bouncing in her chair and appeared to be very fidgety. Then, she began playing with the magnetic letters at the back of the room. Students B, C, E, and F returned to class. Student A was still jumping up and down. Student D and H got “free time” on the computer for making a 100% on their spelling test. Students J and I arrived at 9:25 am. Student L was watching Student D on the computer. All students went to the rug. Students L, G, and A went to recess. Mrs. Harris began reading “Goosebumps: Hall of Horrors”. All of the students were paying attention, being still, and being quiet. Students D and H played a number board game at the learning center table. Student J practiced his spelling words at his desk. Students K and I, red-level spellers, went to the testing table for their spelling test. The students went to recess at 9:45