Classroom Observation Paper

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We went to our observation on November 5th 9 days after our teach 1 on October 26th. Only 16 of the 22 students in the class were present, and two of the students present had not been in class when we had our lesson. As we observed the class I noticed those who were engaged, their interactions and our mentor’s strategies. It was clear to see which students were engaged in the lesson and which were not. Every one of the students sitting in the front were quietly and diligently working while there were three boys sitting close to my partner and I whom were working but were less engaged, visibly restless/bored, and they would just talk amongst themselves laughing while their teacher helped the other students. Our mentor teacher was constantly …show more content…
Daniel Valente said “It was good,” when we asked him how the lesson went and when we asked him to elaborate he said, “You used the most simplest things to get to the main thing you were trying to get to.” He was referring to how we used a very simple example (giving each guest two slices of pizzas at a party) and then used this example to create a chart, table, graph, and formulate our equation. To the same question Lesly Morales replied, “It was good. I liked it because, because it was kinda related to something I wanted to learn, it got my attention really quickly.” Alli Afreed also told us that he liked our examples and he liked the fact that we used …show more content…
To help refresh their memory, in hopes of reminding them of what they could disliked, we described the lesson to them taking them through each of the steps that we went through the previous week. After our recap they were still unable to give us any feedback about anything we did that they disliked.
Then we asked them what they would like us to do for the next lesson, whether it be continuing to do something we had done or trying something new. Once again Lesly said she didn’t have anything (any comment) but luckily Alli said that we could give more examples. Alli is one of the second language students and it is completely understandable how more examples would help him grasp the concept better, especially since we mostly focused on using one example throughout the whole class. We assured Alli that we would use more examples during our next