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Claudia, Garcia SEP/4/2014
ENC 1101 Prof- D. Budinger

Shooting an Elephant The story was primarily about a British man and his feelings about living in a conquered territory. He was a sub -divisional police officer of the town but he feel out of place in the community. People didn’t like him because he is a British. He had to do things that he didn’t like it to make conflicts himself. When he mentions that he killed an elephant I feel his pain of conscience. The elephant destroyed a village before it died. He didn’t want to kill the elephant but he was forced to kill it because the people want to eat it. The villagers were furious about all the mess and Orwell was called to restore the order before anything, or anyone, was hurt. While this adventure runs, he decided to kill the animal because he thought that was the best. But he knew that killing the elephant was wrong because the elephant was not doing anything to the people just cause a mess. But he did it to show the society solidarity among the villagers as a man of authority. He knew what people wanted, and he wanted their acceptance for the reason of being the only Indian in the community. Orwell should have waited to consult the owner about what he wanted to do about the animal. Orwell uses