Clause Conectors Essay

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Clause Connectors
Introduction/Warm -up
If you want to write different types of paragraphs and essays, you need to know some vital information about clause connectors. These important words and phrases are like signs and signals found on roads. They direct the reader and help writers join clauses and make changes in directions of thought. When you finish this unit, you’ll be able to recognize and use various clause connectors appropriately.
We’re going to be looking at words that can be used to join clauses. Remember that a clause must have a subject and a verb.
Norman Rockwell didn’t agree with contemporary ideas of what an artist should be, and he chose to paint life as he wanted to see it.
Clause Connectors
Lecture – Coordinating Conjunctions (coordinators) I’m sure that you remember that catchy (easy to remember) F-A-N B-O-Y-S mnemonic device (a word/s that can help you remember an important phrase or rule.)

F for
A and
N nor
B but
O or
Y yet
S so The “FAN BOYS” connectors are called coordinating conjunctions. When two independent clauses are joined by our “fan boys” friends, use a comma before the coordinating conjunction.

Norman Rockwell seemed like a humble, quiet man. He was able to express his belief in old values through his paintings.
Norman Rockwell seemed like a humble, quiet man, but he was able to express his belief in old values through his paintings.
Look at this chart. CoordinatingConjunctions Other Connecting Words that Mean the Same as the Conjunctions
For because, for this reason
And as well as, also
Nor not this either
But although, yet
Or either one of the options
Yet but, although
So therefore, because of this, as a result of this
Clause Connectors
Lecture – Subordinating Conjunctions (subordinators) We’ve seen that two clauses can be joined with the FAN BOYS coordinators (For,And, Nor,But, Or, Yet, So). Now, we’ll see another way that we can join clauses. One of the two clauses can use a subordinator that makes it a dependent clause. It can then be joined with the independent clause.
People find Rockwell paintings to be humorous. Some of his paintings have very serious themes. Although people find Rockwell paintings to be humorous, some of his paintings have very serious themes.
Some of Rockwell's paintings have very serious themes although people find his paintings to be humorous. Subordinating conjunctions or subordinators include: although, even though, though, while – to show contrast since, because, as – for this reason: (why it happened) what, when, whenever, where, wherever, whether, which, who, whom, whose –question words that often act as subordinators for adjective or adverb clauses. after, as soon as, before, until – to indicate time clauses how – the way